Liston Products Ltd

Liston manufactures equipment for grounds maintenance staff, arborists and landscape contractors working in parks, estates, nurseries, forests and farms for construction, arboricultural, amenity and landscape contracting applications.

Liston woodchippers & shredders include the Carlton 1260, Carlton 2012TRX and the Euro chipper 1060. Stump grinders include the Carlton 900H, Carlton SP2000, Carlton 8124TRX and the Carlton Hurricane. Blowers & vacs include the Finn BB705, Finn BB1208 and the Finn BB1222.

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Liston has products listed on What Kit? under blowers & vacs, stump grinders and woodchippers & shredders.


Liston Products Ltd

Unit 30 The Old Brickworks, Station Road

Plumpton Green

East Sussex


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