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Professional sprayers for herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. For use on sports turf, fine turf, parkland and amenity grounds.
Types of equipment include handheld sprayers, knapsack sprayers, quad-mounted sprayers, ride-on sprayers, skid-mounted sprayers, tractor-mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, trailed/wheeled pedestrian sprayers and wheeled pedestrian sprayers.
Find product details and specifications as well as test reports and sprayer reviews of equipment from Allman, Amenity Land Solutions, Barrus, Berthoud, Blount, Broadwood, Central Spares, Charterhouse, DMMP, Emak, Farmura, Gambetti, Hardi, Hozelock, John Deere, Kuhn, Lely, Lindsay Ellacott, Logic, Makita, Martin Lishman, Micron Sprayers, Nomix Enviro, Ryetec, SCH, Sherriff, Spaldings, Spray-Trac, Stihl, Team Sprayers, Techneat, Terrain Aeration, Tomlin, Toro Commercial, Vale Engineering, Vitax and Walkover sprayers.

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Type Trailed
Spray tank capacity (litres) 300
Supplier Charterhouse Turf Machinery Ltd

Find product specifications and reviews of sprayers including Actis, Agri-Fab, Allman, Bargam, Berthoud, Birchmeier, Chapin, Cooper Pegler, Earthway, Ev-n-sprey, Evolis, Faithful, Farmura, Flexomant, Hardi, Hozelock, John Deere, Logic, Makita, Mankar, Manopul, Martin Lishman, Micro-Mantra, Micron, Mini-Mantra, Nomix, Oregon, Polypul, Riverlynx, Rogers Windfoil, Ryetec, SCH, Sherriff, Solo, Spin spray, Spraytech, Spray-Trac, Stihl, Team, Techneat, Tomlin, Toro, Trama, Tramus, Unima, Vale, Varimant, Verti-spray, Vision, Walkover and Wessex.
Berthoud makes the Berthoud Boostair, Bethoud Cosmos, Berthoud Elyte, Berthoud Pulvexel, Berthoud Pulvexel Electric, Berthoud Vermorel sprayers.
Sprayers from Amenity Land Solutions include the Micro-Mantra, Mini-Mantra, Mankar models, Flexomant models, Tramus, Trama, Unima series and the Varimant models.
Walkover Sprayers Ltd supplies the Walkover Gardener, Walkover Greenkeeper, Walkover Rambler, Walkover Tufmaster, Walkover Fieldmaster and Walkover Yardmaster ranges. 
Sprayers from Lindsay Ellacott include the Spraytech Econospray, Spraytech ProPack, Spraytech Super Agro and Spraytech Super Green ranges.
Martin Lishman products include the Martin Lishman Micro Spray, Martin Lishman Midi Spray and Martin Lishman Mini Spray sprayers.  
Team Sprayers supplies sprayers including the Team Basic, Club, Team Cub, Team Demount, Team Scout and Team Vixen.


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