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Professional blowers and vacuums or blower-vacs for use in parks, gardens, grounds, playgrounds, and other landscapes for grounds maintenance.

Machines are available as backpack blowers, handheld blower-vacs, mounted blowers, towed vacuums and wheeled pedestrian blower-vacs.  

Find product details and specifications as well as blower-vac, blower and vacuum reviews of machines from EP Barrus, Bernhard & Co, Bosch, Briggs & Stratton, Campey, Countax, Cramer, Danarm, Emak, Etesia, FGM Claymore, Gambetti UK, Honda, Husqvarna, JK Inc, JSM Distribution, Kawasaki Motors Europe, Kersten, Liston Products, Lloyds & Co Letchworth, Makita, Mantis, Pinnacle Power Equipment, Ransomes Jacobsen, Sanli, SCH, Schiller Grounds Care, Stihl, Grass Group, Turfmech, Wiedenmann.


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BUB142Z 14.4V
Action Blower
Type Handheld
Dry Weight 1.6
Supplier Makita (UK) Ltd
BUB182Z 18V
Action Blower
Type Handheld
Dry Weight 1.7
Supplier Makita (UK) Ltd
Makita BBX 7600
$724.00 The BBX 7600 backpack blower from Makita
Action Blower
Type Backpack
Dry Weight 10.8
Supplier Makita (UK) Ltd
Makita BHX2501
Action Blower
Type Handheld
Dry Weight 4.4
Supplier Makita (UK) Ltd
Makita BUB360Z 36V
$240.00 The BUB360Z 36V handheld blower from Makita
Action Blower
Type Handheld
Dry Weight 3.1
Maximum Air Speed (m/s) 93
Supplier Makita (UK) Ltd

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JSM Distribution blowers and vacuums include the Tuff-Vac, AgriMetal and Multi-Vac brands.


Models from Kersten include the Kersten LBV, the Vento 9 and Vento 13SA.


Schiller Grounds Care supplies the Little Wonder 16HP Truckloader, Little Wonder 27hp Truckloader and the Little Wonder High Performance Vac-HPV.


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