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Professional aerators for use on sports turf, fine turf and amenity turf on areas such as golf courses, parks, sports fields, bowling greens, racecourses and lawns.
Machines are available as walk-behind aerators, ride-on aerators, trailed aerators, wheeled aerators, hover aerators, roller aerators or tractor mounted aerators.
Action types include air injection aerators, drum aerators, vertical aerators, vibrating aerators and water injection aerators.
Find product details and specifications as well as aerator reviews and test reports of machines from E P Barrus, Campey Turf Care, Charterhouse Turf Machinery, DJ Turfcare, Groundsman Industries, Husqvarna, John Deere, JSM, Lloyds & Co Letchworth, Logic, Mantis, Pinnacle Power Equipment Ltd, Ransomes Jacobsen, Reco, Ryetec, SCH, Sisis, Terrain Aeration, Toro, Tracmaster and Wiedenmann.


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Aeravator UA40
Type Mounted
Action Vibrating
Minimum Tractor Requirement (hp) 18
Working Width (cm) 105
Maximum Working Depth (mm) 114
Minimum Tractor Requirement (kW) 13.42
Supplier JSM Distribution
Aeravator UA60
Type Mounted
Action Vibrating
Minimum Tractor Requirement (hp) 20
Working Width (cm) 150
Maximum Working Depth (mm) 100
Minimum Tractor Requirement (kW) 14.91
Supplier JSM Distribution
Aeravator UA80
Type Mounted
Action Vibrating
Minimum Tractor Requirement (hp) 30
Working Width (cm) 200
Maximum Working Depth (mm) 100
Minimum Tractor Requirement (kW) 22.37
Supplier JSM Distribution

Find product specifications and reviews of turf aerators including Aeravator, AeroKing, Agri-Fab, Camon, Classen, Cushman Quick Aerator, Easy-Core, Greencare Coremaster, Greens Terra, Groundsman, Husqvarna, Imants Rotoknife, Imants shockwave, Jacobsen, John Deere Aercore, Lloyds, LTA, Noblat, Plugger, ProCore, RECO Airone, Ryan Lawnaire, SCH, SISIS Aer-Aid Javelin, TAS Air Blaster, Terra Slit, Toro Turf, Verti-Core, Verti-Drain and Weibang.
Grass aerators from Sisis include the Aer-Aid Javelin, Sisis Arrow, Sisis Autoslit, Sisis Maxislit, Sisis Megaslit, Sisis Multislit, Sisis Multitiner and Sisis Supa Turfman,  
Wiedenmann supplies the Greens Terra, Terra Float, Terra Slit and the Terra Spike ranges.

Machines from DJ Turfcare include the Plugger 855C Pro, Plugger PL400B and the Plugger PL410B.


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