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MAJOR 8400GR Rollermower

The 8400GR rotary tractor-mounted mower from Major Equipment The 8400GR rotary tractor-mounted mower from Major Equipment


The 6000, 6300, 8000 & 8400 Groundsmajor Rollermowers easily connect to the tractors three point linkage and roll over the ground following the earth's contours independently of the tractor. The blade system is enclosed within an aerofoil chamber and cut material is recycled and distributed evenly in the wake of the machine. The finish is a professional stripe which is favoured by grounds maintenance keepers. A simple spanner adjustment sets and locks the cutting height of the machine by raising or lowering the rollers. The cutting range available is from 12mm to 150mm.

Cutting actionRotary
Width of cut (cm)243
No of decks or reels1
No of blades or knives4
Max height of cut (mm)150
Min height of cut (mm)12
Tractor requirement (hp)30
Weight (kg)510
Tractor requirement (kW)22.37
List price$6,500.00
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Major Equipment Ltd
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Test Report

To prove that Major 8400GR-T Roller Mower gives the same high-quality cut regardless of machine width, it also lent us an 8ft version.

The 8400GR-T is a trailed unit similar to the 4200 but with four rotors instead of two and fitted with a wheel kit on the back to raise the machine for transport.

In the working position, the wheels are raised to leave the mower running on the rollers and cutting in the same way and to the same high standard as the smaller 4200.

Again, it is happy at around 6mph, but the extra width of cut makes the job quicker. This one, and its big brothers at 12ft and 18ft, should be at home cutting larger areas for a living. Try it on sports pitches, golf courses, racecourses and even airports.

Being gear-driven, and with all the gearboxes in a straight line, the effective cutting width of the 8400GR-T is at maximum. There is no staggering of the rotors. And, being only as wide and as deep as the diameter of its rotors, the mower follows contours well. A wide-angled PTO shaft is supplied as standard for tight turning.

"I am really surprised how tight it will turn," says Gardner. "And like before, it is handy being able to cut in reverse. Quality of cut is very good."

A fixed, rigid blade is available for close cutting of level surfaces such as cricket outfields. Major's machinery is supported by a full parts back-up service across the UK by overnight delivery for orders placed by 3pm.

Working width: 2.4m
Overall width: (transport) 2.4m
Rotors: Four
Cutting height: 12-150mm
Weight: 610kg
Tractor requirement: 30-60hp
List price: £8,170 + VAT
Tel: Major Equipment - 01524 850501

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The Review Panel
Andre Gardner, grounds manager, Cannington Campus, Bridgwater College
Mark Tyrrell, gardener, Cannington Campus, Bridgwater College

Need to cut grass fast? You could opt for a ride-on mower and, if the area to be cut is large, go for a batwing. You will be spending £20k, £30k, perhaps more.

What if you have a tractor? There are so many mowers for use on the back, front and middle of a tractor that it is hard to know where to start. Perhaps you want the quality cut of a cylinder mower. Gangs "zinging" up and down sports fields were once the norm. Now, with purse-holders looking at every penny, you are just as likely to see a low-maintenance rotary or even flail collector doing the job.

In this review, we look at three rotary mowers - each reputedly leaving a high-quality finish. We also inspect a flail collector to see whether it is worthwhile removing the clippings. In this instance, the flail mower offers more than just grass cutting.

The test took place at the Cannington Land-based Studies Centre of Bridgwater College in Somerset. Conditions on the day were dry and sunny but the grass had been left to grow prior to the test. Long and dense, the grass was also lush when the mowers arrived.